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WXHR held the subject training of improvement of management ability

Date:2015-10-28    Views:3630

 WXHR held the subject training of improvement of management ability.

On April 19th and 20th 2015, Anhui Wanxi Human Resource Management Co. Ltd. held 2015 first training for middle managers and key employees. It is on the theme of improvement of management ability. Fan Jia’an, a well-known enterprise management lecturer was invited to give a two-day subject training to participants.About 40 employees from company headquarters and branch companies participated in the training. The company’s general manager and deputy general manager also attended the training, which is beneficial to group cohesiveness.

The training broke former serious and monotonous training mode. Staffs were divided into five groups diluting department boundaries. They elected the leader, used simulation,practical training means.Thus employees can improve management ability in the process of experiencing.The training stressed on participation and sharing,reflecting required ability of management in the process. The theme of improvement of management ability was invisible and affected everyone subliminally.After the training, participants all spoke highly of it and put forward lots of valuable suggestions for further training.Through the two-day and one-night training, participants learn the great importance of such training for enterprises and individuals. Participants not only learned solutions to many management problems but also enhanced their working ability.What is more important is that the training strengthens group cohesiveness. Employees have a good expectation for the future of enterprise and will devote themselves to work with more confidence and motivation.(WXHR office)

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