talent recruitment

WXHR understand deeply enterprise human resource management and employees psychological state.It is easier to grasp the enterprises’ needs to achieve maximum matching of a candidate’s technical ability, experience, personality tendency, value view with corporate culture, the core concept and job requirements, to guarantee the stability of the candidates after appointment, thus to reduce the enterprise human resources cost furthest.

   Service tenet

  1. To be great assistant for enterprise recruitment

  2. Do not prettify candidates

  3. To ensure the recommended talent has good development space

  4. Only accept the order which has 90% successful possibility.

  5.To ensure the recommended individual information has been selected,interviewed and resume verification before recommended to customers.

 6. Without the consent of individuals, the personal information is strictly confidential.

 7. Do not undermine the foundation of recommended enterprises during the term of contract.(except for the nonperformance enterprises)

  Service advantages

 1. Rich resources

  Nearly 300 thousand international high standard talent, more than one million outstanding corporate backbone.

 2. Senior team

  Five enterprise senior HR transition consultant, six senior consultant with 5 years’ experience of executive search industry, ten full-time executive search consultant.

 3. Accurate positioning

  Specific industries, exclusive team, total service, accurate positioning

 4.Real information

  With the principle of being responsible for customers, all recommended candidates are required to go through background research.

 5.Quick feedback

  After the formal cooperation, recommend the first batch of candidates within 7 working days.

 6. Reasonable fees

  To save cost for enterprise recruitment, charge according to annual salary of the candidates of corresponding percentage.

 7.Quality service

  Maintain good communication with candidates and enterprises as a harmonious link.

  Service content

 From the different aspects of talents to the comprehensive application of recruitment channels, we have constructed a three-dimensional talent recruitment solution system.

 *high-end talent recruitment solutions

 *bulk recruitment solutions

 *individual recruitment solutions

 *process recruitment solutions

 Around the recruitment, we also have a flexible embedded personnel training, assessment, performance evaluation and other aspects of the service module, to provide you with a comprehensive service solution. 

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