call center

WXHR has the ability to undertake the call center business through many years’ professional accumulation of communication industry, to provide the overall solution for customers with a full range customer service and telephone marketing.

  One: directional and schemed service

  According to the call center’s needs, to recruit technical graduates during the internship period and social personnel and train them, then send the qualified personnel to enterprises.

  Two:personnel leasing service

  According to the needs of enterprises, to complete personnel recruitment, selection and training sessions, and deliver one of our own qualified personnel to customer enterprise in presence.

Service mode

Cooperative parties



Main task

Client unit

Field+equipment+communication network+software and hardware system

Service representative

Business management personnel

Efficient service,to avoid the employment risk

Site,equipment,network,system management and maintenance

Operation management


Service representative

Field management personnel

Project proceeds

Daily management(employee career management,work enthusiasm,stability and other aspects of work)


Service features:

 1. According to customers’ needs , to select personnel and design training course

 2.customers participate in selection, and the result is controllable

 3.customers enjoy a certain period of service guarantee period

Customer value:

 1.make the public part of entering training professional and social

 2.according to the training result, choose qualified personnel to avoid the loss of personnel during entering period and reduce the cost of human resource.


 3.achieve low cost, high standard training.

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