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Caring for autistic children

Date:2015-10-28    Views:3737

They are a group of children who have bright eyes,but refuse to make eye contact; who have normal hearing,but turn a deaf ear to their family; who can speak normally, but can’t communicate with others;who are maybe mentally retarded,but show exceptional ability in some areas.They are autistic children. They are called “children of star” in society. In order to show understanding and respect and help these broken-winged angels and helpless families, WXHR donated 1500 yuan to Hefei Chunya disabled societies on June 18th 2015.


In the afternoon, volunteers from our enterprise arrived early in the donor scene, prepared for the event to ensure all works going smoothly. With a long time’s getting along, these children felt the friendship of our volunteers,and some even made simple communication with volunteers. After that, they took part in celebration activities with volunteers, watched the circus show and magic show. They had an unforgettable day.

They are children of star, they are broken-winged angels,they need our love and care. Even if what we can do is very limited, we hope to open their heart with love and warm them with sunshine. (WXHR training department)

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