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The first “ Voice of WXHR” singing contest was held successfully

Date:2015-10-28    Views:3928

The first “ Voice of WXHR” singing contest was held successfully

Light dream with songs, light future with dream. On June 13th ,Anhui Wanxi Human Resource Management Co. Ltd. held the first “ Voice of WXHR” singing contest successfully in Anhui Vocational College of Posts and Telecommunication. The theme is “ Sing WXHR, Show our dreams”.

The contest was a real cliffhanger.Every competitor was full of energy,and mastered singing skills. They came to stage one by one, the melody remained, the songs were beautiful. Judges listened carefully while competitors sang loudly. The song “ barley dance with wind” shows a beautiful picture. The song “ the sea” lets us feel cool in the hot summer. The song “the most familiar stranger” tells the confusion in love. The song “good luck”gives us best wished.Through fierce competition, Mao Li from Huainan branch got the first prize with the song “good luck”, Lu Hong from finance department and Wang Fenglin from Bozhou branch got the second and third prize respectively. After the contest, all the audience were public judges to vote five individual awards: best popularity award, best charm award, best courage award. Etc.

After the performance and voting, guests singers came to the stage in the cheering and screaming of audiences. Zhang Bin, an experienced music educator,sang “I love you China” shocking everyone present.Ke Zheng sang “ as long as you love me” fondly.Liu Chun sang “ Chinese people” exciting all audiences.Finally Wang Wenyong and Zhang Min sang “ you’re the most precious” together telling a beautiful love poetry.

The first ‘Voice of WXHR’ singing contest came to an end. All staffs took a large photo. The singing contest enriches staffs’ social life,offers a stage to show themselves. What is more important is that it furthers staffs’ affection and enhance the cohesion of WXHR. (WXHR office)

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