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Anhui Wanxin Human Resource Management Co. Ltd. Held 2015 midyear conference and “ Internet plus” subject training

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Anhui Wanxin Human Resource Management Co. Ltd. Held 2015 midyear conference and “ Internet plus” subject training.


From July 31st to August 1st, Anhui Wanxin Human Resource Management Co. Ltd. Held 2015 midyear conference and “ Internet plus” subject training in Hefei Zipeng Mountain Alice manor. In the conference we summed up the former half year’s work, analyzed present situation,arrange the next half year’s focus work. We also mobilized all employees to have firm belief and struggle for establishing domestic first-class human resources service enterprise.

On the afternoon of 31st, Anhui Wanxi Human Resource Management Co. Ltd. convened grandly 2015 midyear conference with general manger and deputy general manager, functional department managers and some of branches’ managers attending. Functional department managers and representatives of branch companies gave representations of the former half year’s work. Then general manager gave a speech fully approving their performance in the first half year ,their customers’ value analysis ,the development of team and the consideration of company’s overall development. At the same time, general manager made requests for further development requesting them to consider deeply and pay attention to details. Then the representatives made a heated discussion.
On the evening of 31st, deputy general manager gave “ Internet plus” subject training. The training made multi-dimension, multi-layer analysis for present services and provided a new idea for company’ business transformation from the point of human resources industry and combining with internet way of thinking. On August 1st, Sun Haiping,a front line practical lecturer, was invited to give a one-day subject training for participants. The theme is “network marketing of actual strategy” providing practical and operable marketing strategy from search engine marketing to Wechat marketing and other aspects.
After the two-days and one-night conference and training, the participants said, they will implement the spirit of conference earnestly, and unite all staffs and lead them to forge ahead and strive hard. (WXHR office)


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