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China Telecommunication Sales

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China Telecommunication Sales

Qualifications:18-35 years old,high school or above;in good health condition,strong sense of responsibility;communication skills,sales experience is preferred.

Work content:to handle a variety of business,answer customers’questions,service customers well;to learn new business in time and recommend to customers;to understand customer needs,suggestions and feedback to leaders,put forward reasonable suggestions;prepare reports and statistical reporting,prepare handover procedures,ensure the fund to be handed promptly and timely;participate in the morning meeting,training and other activities,undertake cleaning on duty.

Work hours:8 hours a day, single hugh; shift( half a day, no rest) Salary:basic salary 2280yuan(1884+social insurance),plus commission,average salary is 3000 yuan monthly,no up limit.socialinsurance,enjoy holidays with payment,cooling and warming fund, annual bonuses.

Work place: Hefei, telecommunications stores,arranged nearby.

Contact:0551-63410212 0551-63410912 15395138463(Ms.Zhu)

Note:sign labor contract with Anhui Wanxin human resources management enterprise

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