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EMS courier(full time)

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 EMS courier(full time)

Qualifications:18-45 years old,high school or above(the veteran is preferred).drivers must have driving license issued by public security bureau,requiring 2 years’ driving experience. Be hardworking, obey the management,be patient,be able to work under pressure,communication skills,sense of responsible.Physical condition is preferred for laboring.The express industry experience is preferred.

Responsibilities: to receive and send packages safely,fast and accurately in accordance with the requirements of company;to ensure the package of customer and interest of company;to pack and transport package safely,to keep a good reputation for  company;to hand in the payment timely; to assist the development and maintenance of customers and publicize company’s business and service measures.

Treatment:one month’s internship,if pass,sign labor contract with labor dispatch units.Pay by pieces,more pieces,more salary,enjoy holiday with payment,social month’s internship,if pass,sign labor contract with labor dispatch units,1500 yuan monthly.If leave in the internship period,30 yuan per day.If leave within 10 days,no payment.

Work hours:7:30 to post place, finish working when finishing posting and delivering.single hugh,take turns to rest during festivals.

Work place:Hefei and three counties, arrange nearby.
Contact:0551-63410072 0551-63410083 13956095901(Ms.Tao)
Note:sign labor contract with Anhui Wanxin human resources management enterprise.

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