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China Telecommunication Calling center service

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China Telecommunication Calling center service

Responsibilities:to recommend telecommunications services(including broadband,mobile phone,phone number,optional package,etc.),handle customer consulting,inquiries,complaints and suggestions,to answer customers’ questions.Communicate with customers,and recommend business and service to customers according to customers’ requirement.
Qualifications:college degree or above,graduate student,standard mandarin,fluent,clear voice,be fond of marketing service,be good at listening,understand accurately;be able to work under pressure.
Work hours:morning session 8:30-12:30 afternoon session 14:30-20:30
Salary:basic salary 1730+commission+meal supplement+welfare+social insurance,the average monthly salary is about 3000-5000 yuan,no up limit.
Contact:0551-63410912 0551-63410212 15395138463 (Ms.Zhu)
Note:sign labor contract with Anhui Wanxin human resources management enterprise

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