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Hefei residents can register on the phone

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 Hefei residents can register on the phone

(China social insurance service network) Registration is the first step, but in this part patients often spend a very long time.On May 4th, “ a unified platform for registration will be built in Hefei” reported by Jianghuai news.Many people have a good expectation of this platform.What are functions of it? What is the difference ?Yesterday Yangtze River news and Jianghuai network reporters conducted a follow-up.

The tender was completed on June 8th, the successful bidder will begin to work in Hefei this week,and it will be on operation this year. Sun Liyou,the office director of Hefei health bureau of health information technology leading group,said yesterday,the engineers of construction of Hefei health information platform are from Xi’an, Tianjin,Chengdu and other cities,who are domestic first-class programmers.

Hefei current resident population is about 7million,among which 20thousand people are health technical personnel.Information platform meets challenge of big data every day,but don’t give up.Sun Liyou said,the constructing information platform and integrated management system will meet the needs of five years’ data at least.

According to Hefei health bureau statistics, by the end of 2013,there are about 300 various health institutions, including five three-star municipal hospitals(including Binhu hospital),five two-star municipal hospitals, five municipal public health agencies.

In accordance with the requirements of the health sector, many provinces are promoting residents health cards.Yangtze River news and Yangtze River network reporters learned that the card set medical,new rural cooperative card,medical institutions,financial services in one.It will make health and health care service together come true.In the future the information platform will support the residents cards ,and all public cards can be recorded on the platform Sun Liyou said.

What are specific functions of the 300 health agencies covering
health information platform for millions of people in Hefei.

Network and Wechat synchronous opening

Online payment

Children make remote registration,parents go for medical treatment directly

Hefei health information platform will launch portal version and Wechat version simultaneously compared to Anhui medical convenience service platform providing a number of registered channels.

People can complete registration and audition through portal and Wechat, said Sun Liyou, and the public also can complete online payment and other functions through the above channels.

If children work in far places,they also can help parents complete the registration and payment, parents can to directly to the hospital in accordance with fixed time.

New electronic medical records will be accompanied public all their life.

Medical records can be checked on the phone in the future. Through Hefei health information platform, residents can check lots of information on the phone through the electronic medical records.

Relative and friends also can see you information if they are access to it, it is convenient for people to control the health of the elders.

Not only the municipal hospital will upload the electronic medical records summary information,all the information in other cities of province will also be uploaded, reaching municipal platform through provincial platform,said Sun Liyou. The electronic medical records information include:admission diagnosis,discharge diagnosis,inspection report,etc.

At the same time,the public’s electronic health cards will be shared information in the medical system,so that the public can go to medical institutions without medical records.

Hospital treatment,drug content and fees can be mastered.

Health information platform is helpful for health administrative departments to strengthen supervision and management of medical and health services,and improve public health care.

On the basis of health information platform, Hefei will build a medical monitoring system to achieve immediate reporting of medical quality and safety indicators.Authorities can gradually achieve the whole process of hospital medical behavior, full-time supervision, to control the medical cost of irrational growth,reduce medical errors and improve the quality of medical care and services.

Sun Liyou said,theinformation platform can regulate the following content:outpatient service charge,the average hospitalization service charge,the basic drug use,early warning of drug use,outpatient antibiotic use,outpatient service infusion rate and outpatient service charge

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