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Explanation of finance social security card.

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Explanation of finance social security card.
One, what is the financial social security card:offering to public,mainly used in government social management and public service in the field of human resources and social security,in short,a upgrade of the old social security card.
Two, function of the financial social security card
1.It is not only a social security card but also a bank debit card.
2.Much safer.The chip records the insured person’s personal information,insurance(payment)record, employment,etc.
3.Keep the original function of the old card.In the future,the card will gradually realize the application of social management and public services.Combine social security benefits with financial services to benefit public.
Three:the process of financial social security card
1.Units or employees go to the Social Council Office window to get information form.
2.Fill out the form,stick photo and affix the official seat.
3.Make sure there is no error in the form,then go to the card window.
Four:how to use the financial social security card( social security account activation and financial account activation)
1. social security account activation:first modify the initial PIN code,activate the social security account,the initial PIN code is 123456.The card holders can take ID card and financial security card to issuing bank.(note:can be charged, two ID cards are
2. financial account activation:according to the relevant provisions of the bank.(ID card and financial social security card are needed)
Five: how to report the loss and relieve the loss? security account loss report
(1)telephone report:call 12333 to do self-help report
(2)written loss report:take ID card to the issuing bank or department of social security card window(agents need take two ID cards) account loss report Call the issuing bank or make written report according to relevant regulations of the bank.
3.relieve the loss of social security account Take ID card to the issuing bank or department of social security card window,but don’t hang up after applying new card.(agents need take two ID cards)
4.relieve the loss of financial accountAccording to relevant provisions of the bank.
Six:what to do if financial social security card is lost, damaged or unusable,or going to hospital and buying medicine without the card?
Take ID card to 1st Lujiang Road 1st floor of labor bureau for temporary card(agents need to take two ID cards).It is instant.The card is valid for 3 months.(after that,take ID card and temporary card to handle.The temporary card must be given back when getting the new one.)
Seven: query way the local hotline:code+12333
2.consult the handling window
3.login local social and security bureau website Note: if a employee can’t apply for financial social security card after entering a long time,main reasons are as following.Please check through the above three query ways.
1.Applied in other cities before in the former unit. Directly go to the former unit to take.
2.Applied for rural medical treatment in residence. Directly go to the household registration to take.
3.Name or ID card does not match with the data information.
4.Other situations(fill out the form but not apply for collection.)If the last two cases,contact the insured units,units will be assisted to apply


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