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Whether the second child policy fully liberalized?

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 Whether the second child policy fully liberalized?


Alone second child policy has been put into practice for more than a year. China’s fertility policy is expected to readjust in the premise of prudent assessment.
An anonymous participant of policy research said national health and Family Planning Commission has begun to evaluate and promote the full liberalization of alone second child policy.
If the promotion is successful, alone second child policy will be carried out within this year.
Song Shuli,spokesman of national health and Family Planning Commission told reporter that the final result is on the basis of the information released in a routine press conference of national health and Family Planning Commission in July.
When asking “when to fully liberalize the policy”, Yang Wenzhuang,director of the Planning Commission,said “ actively carry out further adjustment to improve fertility policy research, and emphasize on weighing the pros and cons,making decision prudently, advance the work in accordance with requirements of central authorities.
Song Shuli told reporters,any new progress about this policy will be announced in the press conference.
Policy evaluation research is being carried out.
On July 10th, Yang Wenzhuang said in public,national health and Family Planning Commission has concerned about people’s appealing and expectation of alone second child policy’s full liberalization.The main task is to continue to organize the implementation of alone second child policy, strengthen the monitoring of birth population,strengthen the assessment of the effect of policy implementation, promote family planning service management reform,improve relevant supporting measures to improve the environment and lay foundation for next adjustment.At the same time,make further adjustment to improve fertility policy research and demonstration work.
For family planning policy adjustment, Yang Wenzhuang stressed, in accordance with central government’s deployment and statutory procedures, gradually adjust and improve.The outside world noticed that “ in accordance with central government’s deployment,promote the work” is a more clear response about alone second child policy’s full liberalization.
It is understood that at present planning commission is organizing personnel to some provinces to carry out research with grassroots cadres to make good preparations for the future policy changing.
Persons in the know revealed a detail that Shanxi Province health and Family Planning Commission wanted to apply Yicheng rural second child pilot(for women under 24 gave birth the first child and women under 28 gave birth to the second child) with 30 years’ implement to expand the scope of one tenth of population. The reply from relevant authorities is that it is not necessary because alone second child policy will be implemented very soon.
An official from health and Family Planning Commission told reporter that the current and future birth policy adjustment will be strictly in accordance with CCP’s third plenary session to gradually adjust and improve fertility policy and promote long-term balanced development of population.
Gu Baochang,a scholar from Renmin University of China and development research center,told reporter that the government took the fertility policy adjustment seriously.
In March this year, the research group Gu Baochang participated in the research of relevant policies put forward fertility policy adjustment proposal to Central Committed for the third time,proposing the full liberalization of alone second child policy. He said the leadership made instructions,asking relevant departments to further research and better serve the policy of family planning.Relevant departments have organized researchers to the western,central and eastern provinces.Research report has been completed,for decision-making reference

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